On June 22 – 23, in Jakarta, Indonesia, iZeno and their esteemed partners Google Cloud held a One-Day Application Modernization Workshop event. We focused to showcased how to Building Future with Cloud Technologies.

The objective of this Application Modernization workshop was to provide and help attendees gain a better understanding of cloud migration and application modernization, provide guidance and expert assistance during the migration process, and equip businesses with the tools and resources they need to optimize their cloud-based infrastructure for maximum performance and cost-effectiveness.

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The workshop was presented by Google Indonesia team Eryan Ariobowo, Customer Solutions Consultant, Google Indonesia and Alamsyah, Partner Solutions Consultant, in collaboration with iZeno team Arif Rustam Hadi, Principal Architect, Kevin Auryn Wijaya, Application Development Manager, Adrian Hartanto Winata, Senior Software Engineer and Yohanes Irwan Rinaldy, Senior Software Engineer.

To warm up this workshop we started the event with a presentation to our customers about Google Cloud Platform (GCP) presented by Eryan Ariobowo and Alamsyah. They explained about GCP is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses for its end-user products. We believe that GCP is a great choice for businesses of all sizes, and we were excited to share its benefits with our customers.

Presentation continued by discussing the security features of GCP. GCP is one of the most secure cloud platforms available, and we were able to show our customers how GCP can help them protect their data. We also discussed how GCP can help businesses with DevOps, CI/CD, and cloud native or microservices applications. These are all important trends in cloud computing, and we were able to show our customers how GCP can help them stay ahead of the curve.

Further more, Arif Rustam Hadi sharing the knowledge about Cloud Foundation. Cloud adoptions is accelerating but concerns are also increasing. For years, Google had developed Cloud Adoption Framework that can be used as a reference by any organizations to start and assess readiness for cloud adoption. Google also recommended Google Cloud Foundation, a guided path that defines all aspects related to Google Cloud Platform technology that help customers to adopt, scale and secure Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Adoption Framework combined with Google Cloud Foundation provides a structured way to assess and assist any organization to confidently adopt Google Cloud Platform, maximize benefits of Cloud while minimizing risks, scale and secure continuing operations

Before taking lunch break, Kevin Auryn Wijaya presented about Application Modernization itself at a glance. Kevin explained the process and strategies in Application modernization. These two key points maybe that’s the right word to describe application modernization which is often seen by many as a challenge or even something that makes it difficult for yourself. iZeno and Google Cloud are here to take that stigma away and turn it into a profit. In the workshop we focused on showing how easy it is to do onboarding as long as our assessment is correct. Several component aspects to support Application modernization have also been described such as Apigee, CI/CD automation, and day-2 observability.

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Continuing the workshop, the afternoon session was divided into Developer Team and Operation Team. The Developer Team was focusing on Containerization and Apigee and for Operation Team was focusing on Google Cloud Platform and CICD.

In the Developer Team, Kevin shared about Containerization which is the part of Application Modernization, which simply means automating the process for running an application and turning it into a package that can be deployed anywhere. Portability and flexibility are the main keys for containerization. In this workshop, iZeno discussed step-by-step how to do containerization and also most importantly the required skill set.

And Adrian Hartanto Winata shared about Apigee X. Apigee X is a powerful API management platform offered by Google Cloud Platform. It provides a range of capabilities and benefits that can greatly enhance the functionality and efficiency of legacy applications. It enables modernization, improves security, enhances scalability and performance, provides valuable insights, facilitates developer collaboration, and offers monetization opportunities, ultimately helping organizations maximize the value of their legacy systems in today’s digital landscape.

The other team which the Operation Team, Arif explained about Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The observability in Google Cloud with the increase in systems complexity and diversity, monitoring is not enough and observability is the key. Observability in Google Cloud is to collect information (metrics, logs and traces) from the Google Cloud Platform, and correlate them to provide comprehensive insight of the system. And continued the explanation about Google Cloud Operations Suite which provides tools and services to enable observability in Google Cloud Platform. With Google Cloud Operations Suite, understanding and gaining accurate insight of your GCP infrastructures and services will become easier.

Last but not least, Yohanes Irwan Rinaldy shared about Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). This is a software development approach aimed at accelerating and streamlining the software development, testing, and delivery cycle. CI/CD combines practices such as continuous integration, automated testing, and continuous delivery to improve the efficiency, quality, and reliability of software development.

By using CI/CD and tools like Cloud Build, development teams can reduce the time and effort required in software development, improve software quality through automated testing, and accelerate the delivery of software to end users. This helps teams to adapt quickly to changes, reduce risks, and enhance user satisfaction.

To wrap up the workshop, iZeno Team provided the end-to-end demo simulated and showed how easy the process is from development to deployment. With the help of CI/CD tools to automate the process of build and deployment it really helps reduce effort. Then iZeno also explained the capabilities of APIgee in full, ease of development and managing APIs

These topics covered in the workshop aimed to provide attendees with valuable insights into the ease of development and deployment, Google Cloud Foundation, Application Modernization, Containerization, Apigee X, Google Cloud Platform and CI/CD practices.

Overall, the objectives of this workshop event are to help attendees gain a better understanding of cloud migration and application modernization, provide guidance and expert assistance during the migration process, and equip businesses with the tools and resources they need to optimize their cloud-based infrastructure for maximum performance and cost-effectiveness.

Eryan Ariobowo
Customer Solutions Consultant
@Google Indonesia
Partner Solutions Consultant @Google Indonesia
Arif Rustam Hadi
Principal Architect @iZeno
Kevin Auryn Wijaya
Application Development Manager @iZeno
Adrian Hartanto Winata
Senior Software Engineer @iZeno
Yohanes Irwan Rinaldy
Senior Software Engineer @iZeno

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