On March 01, iZeno, in harmonious collaboration with our esteemed partner Google Cloud, iZENO Tech Talk: Navigating The Future of Cloud Hybrid Landscape, the event brought together industry experts and thought leaders to shed light on the transformative journey into cloud technology. The event featured a lineup of distinguished speakers, each delving into key aspects of cloud adoption.

Alamsyah, Partner Solutions Consultant of Google Indonesia, kicked off the event by illuminating the vast landscape of Google Cloud. He explored nine cloud products with a billion users each, emphasizing the suite of public cloud computing services offered by Google. Alamsyah also clarified the concept of cloud computing, touching on its core principles like on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service. The discussion extended to Google Cloud’s regions and its commitment to compliance with Indonesian guidelines.

Following Alamsyah, Kevin Auryn Wijaya, Application Development Manager of iZeno, navigated the cloud journey, highlighting the challenges organizations may face. He emphasized Google Cloud’s approach to packaging products into solutions supporting all use cases. Kevin delved into cost optimization capabilities and Google Cloud’s leadership in public cloud container platforms. The presentation concluded with insights into modernizing on containers with Google, the significance of GKE Enterprise, and key market trends, particularly addressing the complexity of security in the era of cloud.

Event continued, Arif Rustam Hadi, Cloud – Principal Architect of iZeno, brought a deeper understanding of hybrid and multi-cloud architecture patterns. He explored various patterns, including distributed architecture, tiered hybrid, analytic hybrid, and more. Arif detailed hybrid connectivity options, cloud security controls, and the importance of FinOps in the cloud landscape. The presentation covered Google Cloud’s security features, Chronicle Security Operations platform, and practical insights on implementing FinOps.

The event reached its pinnacle with a Fireside Chat featuring Muhammad Fahry, Vice President of Bank Raya Indonesia. He shared Bank Raya’s cloud adoption journey, addressing concerns, achievements, and the strategic partnership with iZeno. Fahry emphasized that cloud is becoming a business necessity, and Bank Raya’s success, with 80% of applications now running on the cloud, is attributed to the careful selection of iZeno as their strategic partner.

The event provided a comprehensive view of cloud adoption, from Google Cloud’s offerings to real-world experiences shared by industry leaders. It showcased the transformative potential of cloud technology when approached strategically and with the right partners.

Kevin Auryn Wijaya
Application Development Manager @iZeno
Arif Rustam Hadi
Principal Architect @iZeno
Partner Solutions Consultant @Google Cloud
Muhammad Fahry
Vice President – IT
@Bank Raya Indonesia

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