On November 28, iZeno, in harmonious collaboration with our esteemed partner Atlassian, orchestrated an illuminating event in the vibrant city of Jakarta, Indonesia. The gathering immersed attendees in the ever-evolving tapestry of Cloud Migration, End Bad Service Management, ITSM, and the enchanting realm of Atlassian Intelligence, creating a symphony of insights and innovation.

In a dynamic exploration of the ever-evolving IT landscape, The Cloud’s AI-Enabled Future recently unfolded as a pivotal gathering for thought leaders, industry experts, and IT enthusiasts. The event delved into key themes that are shaping the future of IT, sparking engaging discussions and illuminating insights.

The event kicked off with a deep dive into the transformative realm of Cloud Migration, presented by Leonard Winata, iZeno’s Deputy Director, DevSecOps. Attendees were taken on a journey through strategic imperatives, unraveling the art of transforming on-premise challenges into strategic advantages. The discussions provided a roadmap for organizations contemplating or undergoing the shift to the cloud, offering actionable insights and success stories.

The spotlight then shifted to the visionary landscape painted by Atlassian Cloud Vision by Liban Khalif, Enterprise Account Director, APAC, Atlassian. An exploration of Atlassian’s Cloud Vision revealed how organizations can harness the power of cloud-based collaboration tools to drive efficiency, innovation, and seamless teamwork. The event provided a glimpse into the future of collaborative workspaces, where the Atlassian Cloud serves as a catalyst for productivity.

Following to the session, we had Phillip Bradley, Enterprise Solutions Advocate, Atlassian presentation about End Bad Service Management echoed through the event, A resounding call to terminate outdated service management practices echoed throughout the event, underscoring the significance of revolutionizing IT Service Management (ITSM). The discussions not only tackled the challenges organizations face but also unveiled transformative strategies for Jira Service Management (JSM). Attendees delved into leveraging AI to secure a competitive edge, ensuring service management seamlessly aligns with the high-velocity demands of today’s dynamic business environment.

The concept of High-Velocity ITSM took center stage, Muhammad Fahad, iZeno’s Senior Project Manager, sharing how organizations can propel themselves forward in the digital era. Attendees delved into strategies and best practices for managing projects from concept to delivery, with a focus on speed, agility, and adaptability. The event showcased real-world examples of organizations achieving high-velocity success in their ITSM endeavors.

The event concluded with a captivating collaborative discussion on the future of Generation AI. Attendees engaged in thought-provoking conversations, sharing experiences, and forging connections that extended beyond the event. The discourse revolved around how AI is shaping the future of work, collaboration, and decision-making, with a keen eye on the next generation of AI-driven advancements.

Elevating excellence in the realm of IT services consulting, iZeno stands proudly as a leader dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions. With specialized expertise in Atlassian ITSM and Atlassian Cloud, we navigate the forefront of technology, empowering our clients to not only keep pace but lead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our commitment to high-velocity delivery is a testament to our agility and effectiveness. Beyond projects, our robust Managed Services ensure sustained success, making iZeno more than a service provider— we are partners in progress, crafting a future where organizations flourish in the digital realm.

Leonard Winata
Deputy Director, DevSecOps
Muhammad Fahad
Senior Project Manager @iZeno
Phillip Bradley
Enterprise Solutions Advocate
Liban Khalif
Enterprise Account Director, APAC

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