On the 27th of September 2022, iZeno, alongside our partner, Google Cloud, hosted an event in Jakarta. The theme of this event was “Open Banking with SNAP Framework”. The objective of this sharing session was to enlighten attendees on what Open Banking with SNAP Framework is, how to accelerate Open Banking with SNAP Framework, how to strategize your Open Banking initiatives, and why you should implement Open Banking with SNAP Framework.

The event opened with Deputy Director, Head of Payment System Data and Information Division, Pak Novyanto from Bank Indonesia, Department Head of Digital Banking Development, Pak Yudhi Dwi Cahyono from Bank BRI, Director of Technology, Deddy Johari from iZeno and Customer Engineer, Wely Lau from Google Cloud.

Pak Novyanto begins his presentation by explaining what is STANDAR NASIONAL OPEN API PEMBAYARAN (SNAP), the urgency of Open API standardization, and the obligations of SNAP implementations. He also explained the implementation process of SNAP by emphasizing the 5 stages of processing that begin with testing the API service that has been developed on the developer site and ends with the process of approval of the service.

Pak Yudhi Dwi Cahyono shared more on how to unlock the potential of the open banking ecosystem with SNAP. He also shared the State of API Report to show which industries work the most with APIs, and as per the report, technology led the way at 29%, followed by business/IT services, banking/finance, healthcare, and education. BRI being one of the pioneer to implement SNAP BI, he also discussed the open banking landscape, how to enable an open banking platform, and BRI strategic implementations.

Deddy emphasised more on standardization in the banking sector. In this session, he explained what is open banking, why Open APIs are the key to digital transformation, and the country regulator in the banking industry. He further explained SNAP and the required alignment of SNAP. He ends his session by highlighting how open banking creates better value.

On the other hand, Wely Lau from Google Cloud shared more on SNAP: What role can Google API management play? He explained more about the digital value chain, the relevance of API management solutions in the open banking digital ecosystem, and how Apigee can play a part in SNAP. He ends his session by pinpointing the motivation and importance of SNAP and open banking and how the payment service providers are holding the overall responsibility for SNAP compliance.

Deddy Johari
Director, Technology @iZeno
Kin Wai Koo
Senior Specialist Solutions Architect @Red Hat ASEAN
Edward Low
Country CTO @Nutanix
Aravind Inavolu
Senior Solutions Architect @Tech Data

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