Our Red Hat Practice

Our Red Hat Software Implementation

We utilize Red Hat products to give our clients a selection of smart digital technologies to help improve data management and customer service management. To ensure that you have the best solutions for your needs, our 20+ Red Hat certified professionals have extensive experience in integration, storage, cloud computing and much more. Our extensive experience in implementing Red Hat technologies has given us the technical ability needed to implement solutions that let our customers deliver more significant value.


The iZeno method of DevOps implements solutions at each stage of the cycle and our experts have extensive experience with a variety of products such as managing application deployment with Ansible. Our holistic approach allows for the implementation of a continuous integration and deployment pipeline (CI/CD) that is more responsive and lets teams deliver ideas quickly without sacrificing reliability.

Enterprise Application

Our approach to enterprise application makes use of Red Hat’s JBoss platform to ensure enterprise level security, performance and scalability in any use scenario. Our experts work extensively with our clients to ensure that no matter the situation users can enjoy an efficient and highly adaptable platform to deliver applications.

Database Migration

We use PostgreSQL to give users a faster method to manage data at scale. Utilizing this platform, users can define data types, build custom functions, andeven write code from different programming languages without needing to recompile the database.  Our clients have been able to enjoy a 50% reduction in query execution time with PostGRESQL compared to legacy systems and we specialise in integrating this solution in complex configurations.

Red Hat Advanced Solution Partner

Experienced Red Hat Advanced Solution Partner

As an advanced partner of Red Hat, iZeno aims to promote and advocate the use of the vendor’s technologies within the enterprise environment across Asia, offering consulting and implementation experience for the providers’ platform, AppDev and automation solutions. iZeno’s expertise lies in its ability to provide end-to-end solutions that incorporate best practices in digital transformation (DX), customer experience (CX) and DevOps, enabling enterprises to continually drive innovation around people, processes and technologies.