Corporate Banking Sales Management

Uncover Areas With Collaborative Potential

Take Charge Of Your Data

SugarCRM’s flexibility allows you to choose from a wide variety of deployment options to best fit your organizational and regulatory requirements. In addition, Sugar can also uncover areas with collaborative potential where partners, subject experts and sales teams can collaborate as a joint-team to contribute to sales pursuits with their combined knowledge and client relationships.

Key Benefits >

Stronger client relationships

Gain an enterprise level view of your customers and give your managers and specialists the tools and deliver exactly what the customer needs and wants.

Deeper analytics

Integrate SugarCRM’s systems to aggregate numerous data sources and model, automate processes across the organization’s offices such as conflict management and deal execution.

Streamlined customer service channels

Deliver a proactive customer experience by streamlining the customer service pipeline and promoting cross-department collaboration and follow- up.

Corporate and Commercial Banking

With SugarCRM, banks can deepen their customer relationships and drive revenues by leveraging an enterprise-wide view of the customer. Relationship managers, product specialists and line-of-business specialists can collaborate and share information across regions to identify new business opportunities and provide a cohesive and personalized customer experience. Banks can better connect with their customers by leveraging an enterprise-wide view of the customer to drive revenues. This gives relationship managers and specialists the ability to collaborate and share knowledge to uncover business opportunities and give a personalized customer experience.

Wealth Management and Private Banking

SugarCRM empowers Wealth Management & Private Banking Firms to grow their Assets Under Management by developing trusted relationships with their customers and providing personalized customer service.

Sugar’s customer journey and SugarBPM™ facilitates the streamlining and automation of processes like KYC, AML, and onboarding which can be extended to integrate with other applications like portfolio management and financial planning, allowing for a reduction in administrative tasks, duplicate data entry, and form-filling. As a result, advisors can spend more time selling and servicing their customer, delivering greater results

Sugar for Credit Unions

Sugar also has the tools needed to transform credit unions from a largely transactional, account-centric relationship to a needs-based, member-focused relationship. Sugar’s 360 customer view and centralized repository of all interactions give users the insights and information needed to be member-focused, transparent and accountable. As a result, credit unions can better understand their member’s financial needs and give more accurate solution recommendations that best fit their member’s needs.

Capital Markets

Sugar integrates seamlessely with a range of systems and data sources such as trading systems, technical analysis or charting platforms to provide users with real-time information regarding market movements and trends. Sugar’s “SugarBPM” engine allows users to easily model, automate and monitor a large number of processes across the front, middle and back offices and the easy-to-use GUI gives you ultimate control over how this information is tracked

SugarCRM Elite Partner

iZeno is an Elite Partner of SugarCRM

iZeno is the only Elite Partner of SugarCRM in Singapore, with over 
10 years of success implementation and delivery. We work with companies & organisations to build a 360 overview of their customers (internal and external) and optimize their sales, marketing and support processes using SugarCRM and also integrates with many other solutions such as Hootsuite, Moobidesk, Zendesk, Xero and legacy core systems to drive business outcomes.