On July 25, 2023, iZeno, together with our esteemed partners CloudBees, hosted an exclusive iZeno Tech Talk event in Jakarta, Indonesia with the theme “Discover DevOps with CloudBees.” The goal of the iZeno Tech Talk is to empower attendees with the knowledge, resources, and inspiration needed to harness the true potential of CloudBees solutions for DevOps transformation. By showcasing real-world examples and providing networking opportunities, the event aims to equip attendees with actionable strategies and insights to drive success in their DevOps journeys.

The objective is to inspire attendees to embrace CloudBees solutions, implement best practices, and unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation within their organizations. The event seeks to position iZeno as a trusted advisor and partner in guiding organizations through their DevOps transformation, leveraging CloudBees solutions to achieve remarkable results.

Wesley Pullen, Field Chief Technology Officer (CTO) from CloudBees, and Andre Dharmawan, Senior Software Engineer from iZeno, honoured the occasion with their attendance. The speakers shared their knowledge and perceptions on the most recent developments in DevOps and DevSecOps.

To start the presentation, Wesley shared that CloudBees, as one of the leading software delivery platforms, envisions shaping the future by empowering enterprises to compete and win in a world of endless possibilities. Their remarkable journey from 2010 to 2023 reflects exponential growth, solidifying their position as a market leader. A significant contribution to the Jenkins Open Source project further exemplifies their commitment to driving innovation in continuous integration.

With over 2 million users and 1,800+ plugins covering every aspect of software delivery, CloudBees stands as the market leader in automation. Their centralized management and operation visibility solutions optimize workflows and standardize processes, enabling seamless operations. Notably, industry giants like Salesforce recognize the value of CloudBees CI and Amazon EKS in creating high-quality, secure enterprise applications. Overall, CloudBees’ vision, growth, and market leadership continue to revolutionize software delivery, providing enterprises with unparalleled benefits and a path to success in an ever-evolving landscape.

And the most valuable part was sharing about CloudBees’ Jenkins Enterprise, which has benefits for enterprises seeking top-tier software delivery solutions. From improved scalability and security to enhanced collaboration and a faster time-to-market, Jenkins Enterprise empowers teams to innovate with confidence.

Next presenter was Andre Dharmawan, a passionate Senior Software Engineer at iZeno, whose journey with DevOps practices has been nothing short of inspiring. Today, we take you behind the scenes of Andre’s daily life, where he exemplifies the true essence of DevOps in action.

Andre has the wisdom to see these obstacles as opportunities. He skillfully navigates through complexities, finding innovative solutions that keep the team on track and the projects on time. Embracing DevOps, Andre fosters a culture of continuous improvement, where learning from mistakes is a stepping stone to success.

Overall, the event left attendees empowered with valuable insights and strategies to optimize their software delivery processes and embrace innovation in their respective organizations. It was a celebration of leadership, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of software development.

Wesley Pullen
Field Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Andre Dharmawan
Senior Software Engineer @iZeno

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