More and more companies are embarking on an AI journey to provide them with a competitive edge against their competitors. However, many companies still have the misconception that they are not ready for the AI initiative in terms of expertise, skillset or resources.

With the advancements of AI technology and ever-increasing ease of use, the question is  asked; Is AI & Machine Learning only for large enterprises? Can a company embark on AI journey without an in-house or outsourced data scientist?

With the Google Cloud Platform, the answer is Yes.

Through the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), you are able to leverage the proprietary and state-of-the-art technology that powers its product suites like Google Search and Youtube. With this, you can have pre-trained machine learning models for common use cases at your fingertips.

Need something unique?

If the pre-trained models are unsuitable for your needs, you can even create custom models for domain-specific use cases with limited machine learning knowledge through the use of

Cloud AI building blocks. With these tools, you can infuse AI into existing applications or even build entirely unique applications for a much larger range of needs. With a combination of pre-trained and custom models, Google Cloud AI can be adapted to a staggering amount of uses and needs

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Machine Learning, Cloud and its application

With Cloud AutoML and its building blocks, the user is provided with a simple graphical user interface (GUI) to train, evaluate, improve and deploy custom models based on your own data without a single line of code. At the point of writing, Cloud AutoML provides custom vision, natural language, and translation models with minimum machine learning skills required.

Apart from Cloud AutoML for custom model training, you can utilize the latest fully trained models from Google’s proven datasets with Machine Learning APIs. By using these APIs, you can immediately add the human capabilities of sight, language and conversation to your applications.



To name a few of the API’S:

  • Cloud Vision API – Powerful image analysis
  • Cloud Video Intelligence API – Precise video analysis
  • Cloud Natural Language API – Language processing
  • Cloud Translation API – Language detection & translation

With all the different AI blocks offered by GCP, it definitely makes it a lot easier to blend AI components into your enterprise. Using these applications in your business intelligence (BI) landscape, your organisation can quickly and easily become an AI-driven enterprise.

With Google Cloud Platform, your own AI journey is a few clicks away.


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